How to Choose the Best LED Mirror

Lighted mirrors make a fashionable and functional addition to any bathroom space. They provide the perfect amount of lighting for spotting blemishes, applying makeup, shaving and plucking.

You can choose from hardwired models that connect directly to your light switch or battery operated models that you can easily move and adjust. However, before installing any lighted bathroom mirror you should always ensure your circuit breaker is turned off and read the manufacturer’s detailed instructions.


One of the most important factors when choosing an LED mirror is its brightness. The brightness of a mirror can vary depending on the number of LED chips per meter and manufacturers’ specifications, but in general, you want your LED mirror to be bright enough for tasks like shaving or applying makeup.

Many LED lighted mirrors come with dimming options for flexible lighting control. Other models are hardwired to a light switch for a seamless installation. Many are also smudge-proof with anti-fogging technology and can be paired with smart outlets to enable charging and remote-controlled features.

Large LED mirrors are a great fit for powder rooms and master bathrooms, while smaller designs can be used as a vanity top or dressing table in bedrooms. We particularly love adding framed mirrors to frameless vanities in guest baths for consistency and design layering.

Color Temperature

The best LED mirrors produce a color temperature similar to natural daylight. This allows you to see your face clearly and helps you look your best. Some lighted mirrors offer multiple color temperatures so you can choose the one that looks the most natural in your space.

When selecting a lighted mirror, make sure it is made from high-quality materials. A low-quality mirror can warp or lose its shine over time. It is also important to check for gloss frames that are resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals.

While most lighted mirrors are used in bathrooms, larger designs can be used in powder rooms and bedroom dressing areas. Frameless designs work well when table-mounted and can be stacked with artwork for additional design layers. Some framed designs can also be wall-mounted. Alternatively, you can opt for a hardwired model that connects to your existing switched light circuit. This option is more reliable than battery-operated models. It is also a safe choice for wet locations like steamy bathrooms and showers.


The quality of a mirror isn’t just about its glow or construction; it also has to stand up to the test of time. Be a detective of details and certifications as you separate the long-lasting champs from the here-today-gone-tomorrow contenders.

Frame construction plays a big role here, as do the LED lights’ durability and energy efficiency. A good rule of thumb is to look for mirrors with a sturdy metal or robust plastic frame. These will be able to withstand the occasional bumps and dings of daily use without losing their shine.

Other factors that influence durability include the type of power supply and installation. Many lighted mirrors are hardwired, with the electrical wiring built into the frame to provide a sleek, seamless appearance. Others have an external power supply, with the cord running to a nearby electrical outlet. Regardless of installation method, always hire a professional to handle the electrical connections to ensure proper safety and adherence to all applicable codes and regulations.


It’s not enough for an LED mirror to simply look good; it needs to stand the test of time. That’s why it’s important to focus on the durability factors that separate the long-lasting champions from the here-today-gone-tomorrow contenders.

Start by checking the frame’s material; it’s a major player in your mirror’s longevity. Look for frames made from durable metals that are resistant to corrosion and moisture. You can also look for ingress protection ratings that give you an idea of how dust and water will affect your mirror’s performance over time.

Lastly, check for features like defoggers and touch sensors to add function and convenience to your illuminated mirror. These options will help keep your mirror looking its best, especially after a shower or other high-humidity situation. You can also consider integrated light switches for easy control of the lighting and other features. A great warranty will also be a big selling point as it provides peace of mind in the case of damage or failure.

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