New Zealand Florists

Flowers are an excellent way to show someone you care. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a new baby or even just “just because,” sending a beautiful bouquet is sure to make their day.

A little bit of research can go a long way when it comes to finding the perfect florist in NZ. Check out our guide to some of the country’s best.

Juliette Florist

Juliette Florist is one of Wellington’s premier florists, delivering flowers same day throughout the city. It offers flowers for all occasions including funerals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

Juliette is a well-established business with a loyal client base and a reputation for dependable service. It is a must-visit when searching for the perfect bouquet in Wellington.

Their floral creations are nothing short of the finest, from pastel bridal bouquets to vibrant everyday arrangements, the team at Juliette have you covered.

They also offer an eco-friendly option for those wanting to do the right thing. They pack their floral creations in paper instead of plastic and use biodegradable cups of wet moss for their flower delivery boxes, making this a flower shop worth visiting.

Where Rosemary Grows

After a lifelong passion for floristry, Anna Dobson founded Where Rosemary Grows to create whimsical and unique floral arrangements. Her ethos is to source only from local growers, and her flowers are produced without chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers.

A key element of a Mediterranean-style garden, rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) is a shrub with slender, needle-like leaves and clusters of light blue to white flowers in winter and spring (in hardiness zones 8-11). The flowers may also occur during summer or fall, especially if the rosemary plant has been trimmed after blooming.

The plant grows a few feet high and is at home in coastal gardens, rock gardens and hillsides, where it is deer and pest resistant. It can be cultivated as a low-growing ground cover or clipped into hedges. It also makes a good foundation planting. It is also very easy to maintain, and requires only moderate watering and occasional fertilization.


Floralcentric is a mother-daughter duo that is all about breaking floral rules. Michele Coomey and Ainsley Henry believe in taking a creative approach to floral design and ensuring that everything they create is tailored to the specific event and setting.

Their workroom, which is tucked down a lane at the top of Khyber Pass, is filled with bunches of dried flowers from previous weddings, shelves of vessels made by Michele’s husband and beautiful white hydrangeas.

Working with New Zealand’s seasonal produce, Isadia Floral is guided by nature to find the most beautiful blooms, which are then used to craft unstructured yet elegant bouquets. They also opt for sourcing local flowers that have been grown in a sustainable way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic and waste associated with the industry.

Isadia also offers a variety of products for home and workplace styling, including personalised bouquets that are sent directly to you. The team are passionate about creating natural, textured and timeless bouquets that you will cherish for years to come.


The floral world is undergoing a makeover, with a new crop of florists eschewing the fussy arrangements and lolly-hued cellophane of old for a more pared-back and style-forward approach. Accidental florist Kelly Karam is among the leading lights, whose fresh, modern floral arrangements and well-considered brand identity have made her one of New Zealand’s most in demand bloom wranglers.

The Blush flagship store in Parnell is an elegant space befitting its namesake, where the foxy flowers, thoughtful additions and exceptional service are the stars of the show. Whether it’s a luxe rose box for a loved one or a hand-tied bouquet to celebrate a milestone, Blush will design the perfect flower arrangement for your occasion.

The Ecoya x Blush fragrances of the ilk are the real standouts, and their most impressive floral concoctions deserve a spot on our list of best floral scents for the home. Featuring high-quality oils and expert balancing, this rounded, luxurious scent (and the candle it’s associated with) is the clear winner for its small-batch size, and is also the most memorable of the Blush scented spheres we spotted in our Parnell test kitchen.

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