Foam Inserts For Tool Boxes

Cluttered tool boxes waste time when employees are looking for the right tools. Foam tool box organizers make it easier to find tools and improve productivity at work.

The pick n pluck foam and plastic dividers that come with flight cases and modular systems are rigid enough to protect your equipment, but they’re not designed to be layered to efficiently use the case’s height. That’s where shadow foam comes in.

They’re Easy to Customize

Tool case liners are made of layers of custom-cut, closed-cell foam that give each tool in your collection its own spot. This not only helps to organize stationary tool chests, but it can prevent you from forgetting a tool at your home or leaving one behind when working on a site. Foam is incredibly easy to make on your own, requiring only a tape measure, foam sheets, spray adhesive, a non-serrated knife, and a marker.

The first step to making a foam insert for your tool box is figuring out how much material you’ll need. The craft foam sheets will need to snugly line the drawer end to end, so carefully measure the interior dimensions of each space you want to organize. Because of their moisture resistance and durability, only closed-cell foams should be used to make these types of inserts. The Foam Factory, Inc. stocks varieties that work well for tool case inserts, including cross-linked polyethylene, polyethylene roll, and standard polyethylene.

They’re Going to Protect Your Tools

If you’re using a tool box that’s not properly fitted to your tools, they’ll likely get damaged or broken during transport. This is problematic because it can prevent the items from being sold or used in their intended capacity, and it also means you’re going to end up spending money fixing or replacing the tools.

Using custom foam to fit your tool boxes will reduce this issue as the inserts will be designed to fit snugly around your tools, meaning they’re going to stay secure even during transportation. This can help to cut down on the time you spend searching for your tools in the workplace and it will also ensure that all of your tools are protected from accidental damage.

Another advantage of using toolbox foam is that it often comes in stackable two color arrangements, which can be beneficial for organisations that use a particular color scheme at work. For example, you could use a dark top layer of foam to store screwdrivers and pliers while the bottom layer uses a brighter color to indicate when tools are out of their place.

They’re Going to Make It Easier to Find Your Tools

Trying to find tools in a cluttered tool chest or roll cab drawer can be a frustrating experience that takes almost as much time as using the tool itself. Foam inserts help keep your tools organised and allow employees to quickly locate a specific tool when it’s needed.

If your team uses 5S, putting a label on each foam compartment can make it even faster to find tools. This can be done easily with a high quality industrial label printer or white pen.

Before cutting your foam sheets, lay out the tools you plan to store on top of it and consider how they should be arranged and labelled. This will help ensure that when you start cutting, you don’t make any mistakes that might result in a poorly placed screwdriver or missing pliers. This will save you money in the long run, as you won’t need to purchase new tools because of a misplaced one.

They’re Going to Help You Save Money

Creating a cozy bed for your tools to live in will keep them snug and secure, especially when the tool box is jostled. It will also make it easier to pick up your tools quickly. This is because the foam will prevent your hand tools from flying around when you open or close the drawer.

Tool box foam inserts are a great investment that will help you save money. They are a much more effective storage solution than using plastic trays or dividers. They are able to fit your tools perfectly and help you use the full height of the case or drawer.

Another benefit of foam tool box organizers is that they will protect your tools from damage during transport. This is particularly important in an aviation business where foreign object damage (FOD) can be costly. FOD can be caused by misplaced tools that are not found and removed from the case before packing up. Foam inserts will help to reduce this risk by making it easier to see if tools are missing from the case.

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